Trying to find the RIGHT Home Security

I’ve spent the past week trying to figure out the best service to use for Home Security. What annoys me about reading online reviews are that one can’t always tell genuine positive reviews versus those that are completely fake. I’ve asked friends, colleagues and family members. I’ve gotten several different options ranging from ADT, Ackerman & Guardian. There are SO many choices, yet I don’t know what’s best for me. I just want something that makes me feel secure, convenient, responsive and doesn’t set off false alarms. Yeah THAT sets me apart from every other consumer wanting the same thing. So… I searched google, blogs, & Yelp to try to drill down to the best services to use. I went through a blog that I found that highly recommended Protect America & Front Point Security. They were both in the top 5. I saw the same when I searched on Yelp. However, no matter what service I used… I always came across negative reviews about every… single… service.

I called Comcast because I assumed it would be easier to just have everything on one bill. Turns out Comcast charges a ridiculous amount of money (about $500) upfront for that.
I damn near got discouraged, but maybe against my better judgment I decided to give Protect America a try. They are a “do it yourself” home security installation service, however I saw a lot of high reviews in the DC area for them when I looked it up. I also saw that they got high ratings on the same home security blog that was looking at. So, I am waiting to see how this goes, but I sure hope that I didn’t get myself caught up in a bad deal. But at the same time, there was a story a few months ago about those “door to door” sales people that were hijacking people’s bank accounts with Vivint. I was initially attracted to their service with their sexy equipment and all but those monthly service prices…
I’ll update you all on how this all goes. **fingers crossed**



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