Juro being Juro





Snow Night!

So, Juro has been here with me for a week now. I get the impression that he loves it! I am starting to hear more of the whining/crying/barking that I would occasionally hear. I expect that to quiet down in due time. The only couple of things that I noticed (I consider reminders for me) is that he is more playful now than he ever was. He wants to run and jump and leap everywhere! And secondly, he’s humping… EVERYTHING! I’m convinced that the scent of the fabric softener that I’m using (Downy) is arousing him to some extent. LOL

He got to meet his Dog Walker last Sunday and I am happy to report that they have had a very successful first week! She would leave me a note or send an email about the routes that they have taken, she even let Juro lead the walk on Thursday and Friday to see if he would be able to sniff his way back home, and sure enough.. he did! I am very happy about that. It snowed and it’s very cold outside, and even though I expected him to be excited about it, he refuses to even step foot outside on his free will. 

I stopped by Marshall’s and got him a new pet bed. He’s a small dog but I love the idea of his little self on a big plush bed. Sure enough, he loves the idea too. He’s in it right now and he just sprawls out on it and rolls around in it. $20 well spent! 

That’s it for now!