Been A While…


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted… well anything! It has been a busy few weeks. I had my very first housewarming, hosted by my mother. Plenty ofย  birthday celebrations with friends… oh yeah and WORK!

On the Employment end, I am trying to stay in a positive mindset, as I work for the Department of Defense (DoD). As it has been reported in the news (and probably discussed in your personal/professional settings) the Federal Government entered Sequestration.

There’s that adage from Murphy’s Law that “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

I honestly felt that way last year during all of the political hooplah that things were not going to go well come March 1st. The office environment had been stressed out, people were transferring to other agencies or just completely unmotivated to want to work. I don’t blame them. To hear the news that Furloughs are coming, and that our paychecks will be impacted can bring out the worst in people. Not to mention, there are thousands of people that will be losing their jobs w/o a back up plan. No one is happy. We’re all hurt, dismayed and disappointed.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to work my butt of in the gym so I can look somewhat decent while “begging” for change on K Street! ๐Ÿ˜› j/k I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but for right now, I am glad to have a job and at least MOST of my paycheck. That’s better than nothing at all at this point.

On the School Front, I’ve been writing, writing, and oh yeah! More writing! That’s a huge reason why I haven’t updated. I haven’t wanted to write anything. Completely tapped out. This is finals week and I have 3 assignments due. It’s Thursday and everything is due on Sunday! WOO! **Trinidad James voice**

Juro is doing well! He is a BIG BALL OF ENERGY in a small package! I’ve switched his food since moving. He was on a raw food diet, as I was feeding him chicken & been nuggets/nibblets. Now he’s eating Steve’s that I get from The Big Bad Woof. That is a marvelous dog store, although a little on the pricy end. I kinda get it as the only sell high quality products. I just wish there were some specials or something! But I digress!

Other than that, thing are going quite alright. I am safe & happy and in one piece and I am content with that. ๐Ÿ™‚



Snow Night!

So, Juro has been here with me for a week now. I get the impression that he loves it! I am starting to hear more of the whining/crying/barking that I would occasionally hear. I expect that to quiet down in due time. The only couple of things that I noticed (I consider reminders for me) is that he is more playful now than he ever was. He wants to run and jump and leap everywhere! And secondly, he’s humping… EVERYTHING! I’m convinced that the scent of the fabric softener that I’m using (Downy) is arousing him to some extent. LOL

He got to meet his Dog Walker last Sunday and I am happy to report that they have had a very successful first week! She would leave me a note or send an email about the routes that they have taken, she even let Juro lead the walk on Thursday and Friday to see if he would be able to sniff his way back home, and sure enough.. he did! I am very happy about that. It snowed and it’s very cold outside, and even though I expected him to be excited about it, he refuses to even step foot outside on his free will.ย 

I stopped by Marshall’s and got him a new pet bed. He’s a small dog but I love the idea of his little self on a big plush bed. Sure enough, he loves the idea too. He’s in it right now and he just sprawls out on it and rolls around in it. $20 well spent!ย 

That’s it for now!



Juro has arrived!

Juro has arrived!

I completely forgot to post about this, but Juro is here! I was a bit nervous of him coming to the house, because he can be quite skittish. But the moment he walked through the doors he was HAPPY! I was happy! He ran all over the house and it started to sink in that… it’s going to be him and I. I felt happy, and at the same time I was missing my family. I had gotten so used to all of us being together in one house. And I’m back on my own again, but this time with a friendly companion. So I’m hoping for the best.

Funny story, this is how Juro is definitely a little Houdini! As I was exiting my house through the rear on my way to work, I had both my gym bag and my laptop bag on my shoulders. This prevented me from seeing Juro sneaking right past me to go run free in the alley. I dodged a bullet because he got loose before and man oh man, that had me feeling all kinds of bad. So now I definitely have to lock him in his crate until the dog walker arrives to take him out. A mess. I chuckled at it though. Juro is VERY inquisitive and wants to sniff and see EVERYTHING. That’s exactly what he did, which made it a little easier for me to catch him, because he is very stubborn and won’t come when called. The other part is quick reflexes because this boy is FAST!

Also, here’s a pic that I was able to get of him in myย  living room. I took it on my phone and just added a B&W filter to it. This is what Juro does all the time!

Juro BW

The 57th Presidential Inauguration: Faith In America’s Future

The 57th Presidential Inauguration: Faith In America's Future

That was the theme/slogan as POTUS Barak Obama laid out his plans for the second term. It was awesome being out there and being able to meet people (local & tourists). It was both exhausting and EXCITING getting up at 5:45 AM to hop on the train and get there. For me, it was rather easy getting there, but it was hard getting out of the area (as that’s to be expected with these major events). There was some confusion with streets that were opened, being closed. Metro stations packed beyond belief, which resulted in my best friend (Michele, pictured) and I to walk around it to get to a different stop. Easier said than done. But we did it. And it was SO worth it. It felt historic!