Juro has arrived!

Juro has arrived!

I completely forgot to post about this, but Juro is here! I was a bit nervous of him coming to the house, because he can be quite skittish. But the moment he walked through the doors he was HAPPY! I was happy! He ran all over the house and it started to sink in that… it’s going to be him and I. I felt happy, and at the same time I was missing my family. I had gotten so used to all of us being together in one house. And I’m back on my own again, but this time with a friendly companion. So I’m hoping for the best.

Funny story, this is how Juro is definitely a little Houdini! As I was exiting my house through the rear on my way to work, I had both my gym bag and my laptop bag on my shoulders. This prevented me from seeing Juro sneaking right past me to go run free in the alley. I dodged a bullet because he got loose before and man oh man, that had me feeling all kinds of bad. So now I definitely have to lock him in his crate until the dog walker arrives to take him out. A mess. I chuckled at it though. Juro is VERY inquisitive and wants to sniff and see EVERYTHING. That’s exactly what he did, which made it a little easier for me to catch him, because he is very stubborn and won’t come when called. The other part is quick reflexes because this boy is FAST!

Also, here’s a pic that I was able to get of him in my¬† living room. I took it on my phone and just added a B&W filter to it. This is what Juro does all the time!

Juro BW


You & Me, Us Never Part!

Last night I was packing at my parent’s house. I have to leave Juro with them for a few weeks, and Juro decided to pull a Makidida “The Color Purple.” I miss him already