Juro being Juro





Juro has arrived!

Juro has arrived!

I completely forgot to post about this, but Juro is here! I was a bit nervous of him coming to the house, because he can be quite skittish. But the moment he walked through the doors he was HAPPY! I was happy! He ran all over the house and it started to sink in that… it’s going to be him and I. I felt happy, and at the same time I was missing my family. I had gotten so used to all of us being together in one house. And I’m back on my own again, but this time with a friendly companion. So I’m hoping for the best.

Funny story, this is how Juro is definitely a little Houdini! As I was exiting my house through the rear on my way to work, I had both my gym bag and my laptop bag on my shoulders. This prevented me from seeing Juro sneaking right past me to go run free in the alley. I dodged a bullet because he got loose before and man oh man, that had me feeling all kinds of bad. So now I definitely have to lock him in his crate until the dog walker arrives to take him out. A mess. I chuckled at it though. Juro is VERY inquisitive and wants to sniff and see EVERYTHING. That’s exactly what he did, which made it a little easier for me to catch him, because he is very stubborn and won’t come when called. The other part is quick reflexes because this boy is FAST!

Also, here’s a pic that I was able to get of him in my  living room. I took it on my phone and just added a B&W filter to it. This is what Juro does all the time!

Juro BW



Hi, I’m JP and my awesome little Shiba Inu’s name is Juro. I’m 30, and he’s 2. I’m giving blogging another go-round after 6-7 (maybe a little more) years. I wanted to just share my experiences of being a pet parent to a Shiba Inu and the process of being a first time Home Buyer in DC. I don’t know how often I’ll get around to posting. But I’ll try to update when I can.

I think that anyone that owns a Shiba Inu can understand the MANY stories that can be told about having one. They’re awesome and beautiful dogs. Yes, every time, I get told that he looks like a fox. If you’re considering getting one, just get used to it. Also, like some other breeds, Shibas are VERY stubborn! But SWEET and full of so much personality. It’s one of the reasons why I love the dog, and pretty much… he’s me… just a 6’2″ guy in a small dog. LOL He’s fearless, yet skittish/shy around people. But once he’s familiar with his settings, he is the head of the household LOL.

A little info about my house: I purchased my first home in DC in November 2012. It is a complete renovation. It’s a Row House. I spent so much time, like many others, watching shows like Property Virgins, Holmes on Homes, Property Brothers (my new favorite show) just to get a feel for what to expect during this process.

I always got advice or read online that Shiba Inus and Home Renovation projects are not for FIRST TIMERS. Yet, I’m doing both! All while working full time and working towards a doctorate degree.

Clearly, I’m insane right? Welp! Let’s see how this goes! 🙂